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 Effective early learning is fostered by:

  • playing and exploring

  • active learning

  • creating and thinking critically

These three methods form the ethos of our teaching and learning at Lodge Cottage.


At Lodge Cottage expect your child to be active and to be learning through lots of ‘hands on’ experiences.


Our nursery curriculum is called the Early Years Foundation Stage. It provides an important link between the way we teach in nursery and your child’s first year at primary school. The children’s learning and development is based on three prime areas.

Personal, Social and Emotional

  • developing confidence, self esteem and a sense of belonging

  • caring for others and oneself

  • learning to share, make friends and play with others

  • finding out how to be an independent learner

Communication and Language

  • encouraging speech and language development through playing, talking and listening to friends and teachers

  • listening to, and joining in with, stories and poems

  • joining in with songs and rhymes

  • talking with teachers and children about what we are doing and discovering in everyday situations

  • playing with words and hearing and using new words and phrases

  • listening to others

Physical Development

  • learning to move and control the body

  • handling, using and transporting resources

  • learning to assess risk and stay safe

  • learning to eat and drink healthy foods

  • learning to caring for oneself eg dressing, toileting

Four other learning categories support further learning:


  • having lots of opportunities to use a wide range of reading materials (books, notices, magazines, lists, labels, posters, letters, poems)listening to, and joining in with, lots of stories, poems, songs and rhymes

  • making pictures, drawings, notes, letters and names on paper, the patio, the fence, in sand, mud, foam, cornflour and playdough

  • encouraging early writing skills by having plenty of opportunities to make marks using pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, chalks, fingers


  • using the resources to find fun ways to count, sort, compare, use simple addition/subtraction and to see and use numerals

  • using the nursery toys to make and build and, while doing so, to understand why something does not work and solve the problem

  • using the building and construction toys to learn about different shapes and sizes and to measure and balance

Understanding the World

  • learning about the world through lots of ‘hands on’ experiences

  • exploring the natural world through touch, smell, sight, hearing and even taste! such as playing in the mud, sand, water, cornflour, and shaving foam. Cooking, washing, splashing in puddles

  • learning early ICT skills by using the computer, camera and photocopier

  • using books, pictures, photos, posters and visits from local people to find out about other people and their lives

Expressive Arts and Design

  • joining in with imaginative play

  • making, designing, building and painting

  • freedom to choose and experiment with all sorts of art materials

  • singing, dancing and playing music

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